• Blazing fast

    High performance local development environment. Check out the benchmark results!

    - I've found Laragon has enough features to keep me happy and help me work more effectively, but most important to me it’s incredibly fast. I can do so much more, in so much less time. - Athlone Harris-Compton

  • Petty urls

    Work with your "app" using this nice, short, beautiful url:

    instead of http://localhost/app

  • Easy & Flexible

    Laragon is easy to install, easy to use, easy to extend & easy to operate.
    Laragon makes things a lot easier:
    - Wanna have a Wordpress CMS? Just 1 click.
    - Wanna show your local project to customers? Just 1 click.
    - Wanna enable/disable a PHP extension? Just 1 click.

  • Modern & Powerful

    Laragon is isolated & portable. It is well-known in the PHP Community but also is used for MEAN, Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask, Java, Go.

    Wanna try Rails? - Check out "Build a Blog with Ruby on Rails & Laragon"
    Wanna use Java 9? - Check out "[Tutorial] How to add Java 9 to Laragon (the portable way)"

Laragon works out of the box with not only MySQL/MariaDB but also PostgreSQL & MongoDB. With Laragon, they are portable & reliable so you can focus on what matters:

building great things!

Laragon is extremely easy to use. With Laragon, you can make a program to send mail to the Internet just 1 line of code:
mail('to@email.com', 'Email Subject', 'Email Message');
The code is written in PHP - Then, just configure Laragon’s Mail Sender to route emails to the Internet without worrying about being marked as Spam.