Quick share

Just click Menu > ngrok > {PROJECT}, your project will be shared publicly to the Internet:
A shared url will be automatically copied to the Clipboard for you to send to your friends or customers. You can share as many projects as you wish at the same time.

You can change Ngrok’s data center to match your location for fast access in Menu > Ngork > Region
There are 4 regions to choose:
us - United States (Dallas)
eu - Europe (Frankfurt)
ap - Asia/Pacific (Singapore)
au - Australia (Sydney)

QR code

In additional to having an auto generated url in Clipboard, you can also view a QR Code when click a Ngrok’s share link - which is very helpful when testing your project with mobiles and tablets.

Some images:

  1. Share to outside with ngrok:

  2. ngrok’s interface when sharing app.test & shared url is automatically copied to clipboard: