Laragon is a universal development environment. It has many features to make you more productive:
Benefits of Laragon

After downloading, You can add git, phpmyadmin, Node.js/MongoDB, Python/Django/Flask/Postgres, Ruby, Java, Go using “Tools > Quick add”

Note: You can also download from GitHub


Download Laragon - Full (173 MB)

  • Laragon Full (64-bit): Apache 2.4, Nginx, MySQL 8, PHP 8, Redis, Memcached, Node.js 18, npm, git

Download Laragon - Portable (38 MB)

  • Laragon Portable: PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.1, bitmana - Good for getting started with PHP, then you can add newer versions of PHP/MySQL easily later using “Tools > Quick add”

Why Laragon?