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Bye Virtualbox/Vagrant/Homestead, Hi Laragon

Just found this new app. Laragon ( )

I personally have nothing against the whole Virtualbox / Vagrant / Homestead setup, but this new program looks awesome. My main issue with the aforementioned setup is speed. For some reason it is really laggy, maybe it is a setting somewhere or something, not sure.

Anyone have any experience with this new app? So far I have installed it, it is now running and I have my project working with it and it is exponentially faster than the previous vagrant setup. Probably because the code is running locally and not being routed through Virtualbox.

Check it out and see what you think. ( P.S. I did NOT make this app, just happened across it via a LinkedIn thread - )


Laragon is the best option for windows users out there than homestead.

Absolutely agree. I was an early adopter of Laragon and cant say enough positive things about it!

Every windows user needs to try it out and see the extreme ease with which one can get going with a Laravel project (or symfony, cake, lumen, wordpress etc.)

The most recent version brings in all the features present in Laravel Valet and more. Here are a few reasons why I moved to Laragon on my dev workstation(s):

  1. Installation works consistently across Windows 7, 8 and 10 (Vagrant and virtualbox on the other hand are extremely finicky). ALL third party tools are conveniently bundled in one directory (c:/laragon/bin by default)
  2. Takes about 600 MB for the “full” version.. but this is around 1/4th of the space required by Homestead+vagrant+virtualbox
  3. Running Node js on homestead + vagrant on windows is a real nightmare. Because Laragon runs node.js natively, it just works!
  4. Highly customizable : You can install multiple versions of Nginx, Mysql and PHP and use them as required in different projects
  5. Faster since it is all native binaries. Vagrant+homestead has a lot more overhead.