Why Laragon?

It is reasonable that you may need some reasons to know why using Laragon is a good choice. Laragon is a modern, maintained and rich-featured local development environment.
Laragon improves web development. Developers all over the world are using Laragon to make apps quickly and easily. It is used by thousands of developers with loves. You can check out the Testimonials to see how users think of Laragon and it’s features page for more details.

Although Laragon is a young project, it is listed in 100+ Awesome Web Development Tools:


Laragon: A great fast and easy way to create an isolated dev environment on Windows. Includes Mysql, PHP Memcached, Redis, Apache, and awesome for working with your Laravel projects.

It is also mentioned in Complete Megalist: Helpful Tools For Backend Developers:


Laragon provides a fast and easy way to spin up an isolated Windows development (like a Virtual Machine, it doesn’t touch your OS). Users can install it as a software, start it up, do their programming, and just exit when finished. The platform comes pre-installed with many popular applications like Node.js, PHP, Apache, Composer, and MariaDB/MySQL.

Laragon is not only easy-to-use and powerful but it is also very fast - mentioned a lot in WHY I CHOOSE LARAGON FOR LOCAL DEVELOPMENT:

Web Assist

Over the years I’ve tried many local development environments, some were relatively speedy, but lacked features. Others had a super feature-set but sorely lacked speed. Until Laragon, finally I’ve found something that has a solid feature set and is also fast, super fast, specifically when I’m using BeaverBuilder, my go-to website building too. Admittedly in comparisons without BeaverBuilder, it’s also faster than anything I’ve used previously.

My first word when using Laragon for the first time was WOW! I’ve never experienced such speed either on a server or local development environment, and I love it.

I’ve found Laragon has enough features to keep me happy and help me work more effectively, but most important to me it’s incredibly fast. I can do so much more, in so much less time.